Saturday, March 31, 2007

We're In The Park...

When I say we, I mean MattySox. Here are some early shots from Philly, where the Sox are playing right now. Thanks, Matty. Click to enlarge. More to follow... Also in the house are Quinn, Finy, and Leggett.

Update: Papi just hit a bomb in the first. Watching on the (crappy as ever)

The view from Matty's seat.

Update: We're scoring at will against the Phils. Dice has been weird. It's almost like he's trying to throw balls and walk guys just to test himself. Then he'll come back and get guys out. He gave up one run on a ground ball double, and then two more on a homer by Burrell--who promptly flipped the bird while the camera was on him. I think it was a joking bird.

I had the same thought about's almost like he's trying to pitch with a degree of difficulty. At one point, he'd thrown like 55-60 pitches, walked four guys, but had only given up a run on one hit...I can't say I was blown away, but when he struck out Ryan Howard looking, Howard walked toward the dugout with a big grin on his face, then at the top step he did this little side-to-side "whooshie" motion with his arm and shook his head, almost as if to say, "that fuckin' ball went all crazy and unhittable like this..."
Matty, hi. And he has the stuff...the inability to find the plate in his last two starts? If that disappears, wow........take care. We'll see on Thursday, but tomorrow, Monday, happy hour time at 4:10, it's the Boston Red Sox, version '07.
There was an NHK TV Reporter, travelling with the "Professor Thom's" Crew:

I joined Hidei for a libation, later at Professor Thom's;

Dice K was not throwing his "A Game", as he would've in Japan;

& my standard by how pitchers pitch, is based on George Thomas Seaver.

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