Wednesday, March 14, 2007


Just to add one more thing to what I was saying earlier: Why is quoting someone okay, while showing a short piece of someone's visual work (vid-e-quoting) isn't?

Of course, if you use all your own material, you can get away with anything. This is what I need to focus on. (But still, come on, isn't using other people's stuff and improving on it, while giving it proper credit, the basis of all human life?) Speaking of that, today, a dude from told me that they've got an Andrew W.K. interview on there. (In a crazy twist of fate, I recognized the guy's name--we played Little League together!) One of their shows is called Soft Focus. On that page, check the list at the right for the W.K. interview, as well as one for Ian MacKaye, Henry Rollins, and Chan Marshall, who doesn't pronounce it like our Chan does. Also, Chan's not his first name. And he's male.

Red Sox lost 1-0 today. I like seeing that 1. That's the key.

The picture below? Just messin' around.

About The Sarah Silverman Program: Gets the JSA (Jere Stamp of Approval). I don't usually have faith in these Comedy Central shows, but this one works. I mean, if you like Silverman, and you haven't tried this show yet, you've got nothing to worry about. The other characters are all really funny, too. Also, there are Homestar posters in the background of some scenes...

Did you know they show Twilight Zone episodes every night at 1:00 and 1:30 on SciFi Channel? Tonight the 1 AM one is "To Serve Man." In other words, I gotta go.

"Mr. Chambers! Mr. Chambers!"

I've seen "To Serve Man" at least one hundred times in my life (including tonight), and it is still one of the greatest episodes on one of the greatest TV series of all-time. I NEVER get tired of watching it.

God bless Rod Sterling, wherever he is.
I wish I could see for the first time again, not knowing how it's gonna turn out. I always forget how sudden the ending is. Serling lulls us to sleep with that part where Chambers and the woman are talking about the joyous times they'll have on their respective space flights, then he's boarding and BOOM. No time to save himself.

I'd also like to see what happens afterward. I mean, clearly word's gonna spread about this incident. Is there mass panic? Do we try to destroy them? Then again, all armies and navies have been disbanded. Ahhhhhhh....
Wow! Twilight zone every night -- thanks for the tip. The best is the two day TZ marathon that the sci-fi channel does around new years.
Oh, how I have blogged about that...every New Year's, actually. Check the archives for all the fun!
Q, it's Rod Serling...and he was a genius who unfortunately smoked ciggies. We lost him way too soon. And TO SERVE MAN is a classic, much like the Burgess Meredith episodes. Especially when he was a banker, and the absolute worst thing that could happen, happens. I cannot give away the heart-breaking turn of events as the city is atomic bombed. I refuse! It was one of Rod's favorites, and mine too. So is Ed Wynn...oh, I could write for a week, a year, about the precious special TV moments that we were lucky to have, courtesy of Mr. Serling. I own every episode on DVD, including the 60 minute ones. I wish he never took up ciggies....think, he could still be with us. It's like losing John Lennon (almost..I love John)...a genius who had so much more before his last breath. And it makes me so really does. Thanks Jere, you make me so happy every day I stop by and read your stuff. Hi to your Mom, too. Always

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