Thursday, March 29, 2007

Two Pics From Last Weekend

All five AL East teams are represented here: Blue Jays--it's a blue jay. Orioles--they're also birds. Red Sox--I was (or was not) wearing red socks when I shot this. Yankees--pic was taken north of the Mason-Dixon line. Devil Rays--the sun's rays, which shone down on this bird, are hot, much like hell, home of the devil.

Good to see new father of twins Nomar is still remembered in the Boston area. (Hey, they could've just erased it.)

Speaking of ice cream, I just had some of the new Stephen Colbert flavor. It's really good--vanilla ice cream with fudge-covered waffle cone pieces and caramel.

Ha! Poor No-mah!
It sounds weird how I wrote that line. Should've said "at least they didn't erase it." Eh, I dont know, I should've re-written the whole caption. TJ by me. I miss Nomar...
Eh, I don't miss Nomar that much. Although, as the years go by, I miss him a little more. He's like an ex-girlfriend with whom the sex was really great, so after a while, you sort of forgot that they lied to and cheated on you so many times. And that's the last time I'm gonna combine Nomar and sex in the same thought...

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