Saturday, March 31, 2007

(Those) Pesky Rules

Once again, Johnny Pesky has been disallowed from being in the dugout at Red Sox games. Terrible job, MLB. They say the dugout is limited to playrs, the manager, and six coaches. That's for uniformed personnel. You can have trainers in there, of course.

I say, make Johnny part of the training staff. In fact, the bullpen coach stays in the dugout--leaving the hitting and pitching coaches, the two base coaches, and the bench coach. Why not give that sixth spot to Pesky? Make him the "outfielders' coach" or something.

I have a feeling our ownership will come up with a solution to this. We'll see plenty of Johnny as usual in 2007.

*video still of Pesky taken by me, Opening Day, 2005, aka the greatest Opening Day ever

Jere, I think so to, if only so Papi has someone to hug. Have a great weekend. He is such a nice man...we ALL love him.
MLB says that they are not picking on Pesky-that it is a rule for all teams. BUT C'MON, they guy is 87 years old, his wife died a few years ago and his entire community is the Red Sox. PLEASE let the guy sit in the dugout. I find it very cruel of MLB to do this.

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