Tuesday, March 20, 2007

"That's High-Level. I Gotta Get There."

You know how everywhere you go, people act like the waether there is so crazy and unique, and they have a little slogan about it? Well, the new "our weather's the craziest" is: fans of every team acting like the players their team trades away always seem to thrive elsewhere.

It used to be the Red Sox and Mets, and some others, but yesterday on the FAN, a Bills fan claimed his team's ex-players always do good after they leave Buffalo, as if they were the only team this happened to.

I don't know if the rest of you want to join me at this advanced level of thinking, but I'm gonna go ahead and say this stuff happens to every team.

Where do we go from here? Think of it this way: What players does your team have that stunk before they got there but now kick butt? I mean, we're complaining about Anibal Sanchez--but look at David Ortiz! Doesn't that acquisition make up for the next ten years of Josh Bards? And what about the dudes we trade who don't amount to John Squat? It's just a "focus on the negative" issue, and I'm personally ending it right here and now. Actually, I'm full of shit. Talkin' out my ass. But, still, just remember, almost every superstar on your team came from somewhere else where they weren't quite as good. It all evens out in the end. Unless you have a really shitty GM for, like, 50 years.

Okay, here's a good example of what I talked about two posts ago. I titled this post after a line in a Curb episode. Then I lloked it up, and saw the line is VERY high-level, not THAT'S high-level. So, do I change it and pretend I knew the exact quote? Or leave it, to show that I was going from memory, only to have someone correct me? I mean, they'd have to know I that I'm aware I could just look it up. Or are they taking the risk that I wrote it being so sure of the line that I didn't have to look it up, only to end up having it wrong?

The internet is dumb.
I think I'm gonna bid on Manny's grill:

Nice. cantstopthebleeding.com has that up--I'd already commented over there. (And yes, I've already "interviewed" Manny, heh heh. I'll let you know if he replies. Or try it yourself!)
A used grill! But Manny is funny. I'd rather see him smiling rather than demanding a trade.

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