Monday, March 26, 2007

That Thing From Before

Remember my story about almost getting a David Ortiz HR ball in Baltimore in '03? I finally found the highlight of the play in question, which I'd taped myself back then. On a real TV, you can totally tell what's going on. So if you can't in this GooTube version, well, you at least get to see that awesome thunder clap that scared the hell out of Walker and Nomar and the rest of us who were there that day. (The red arrow shows the direction I run.)

Again, if you just watched that, and don't know the background, click that link above for the whole Christopher Cross-filled story. I made this little video in February, and was ready to post it, only to find my GooTube account had been taken down. I put a new account up a while ago, but I only just now decided to put this video on there. I kind of screwed it up, but if you watch again and again, knowing that I start by the left flagpole, you can really tell I started running back early. You can see me disappear behind Pat's red shirt and then reappear on the other (left) side of it.

Of course, all these videos look awesome until the GooTube resolution demons make them look shitty. They should work on that. One day you can all come over to my house and wach all my movies in digital high quality on a screen bigger than your thumbnail. Wait, I think it would be more feasible to DVD-ify them and sell them for a pittance. Maybe I'll do that someday.

Note: I went 11-1 in the basketball pool this weekend. Only Chan's Gators beat me. I should've known alligators would beat ducks.

As we've discussed before, I was present at this loooonnnggg game as well, but by the time of Ortiz's dinger we'd relocated from our 3rd base boxes to about three rows behind the plate...I just remember being really wet, and really drunk at this game...
Yeah I saw that in the old comments. I admit I'd forgotten. But I'll retain that one from now on.

I also forgot to get specific in telling people what to watch. Even though I outlined myself in it. I think I'd written this all out before, but when I realized the video wouldn't go up, I erased it. SO I wrote this one kind of thinking everyone knew where to look and stuff. The key is to watch us emerge from the little scoreboard, and then note that I start at that left flagpole of the three. Or, wait, I did say that. Oh well, no one can see anything on that little screen anyway.
I saw enough to know your sound editing was great! Take care my friend. Daisuke today...I think, against the Reds, as spring training runs out of days. A one-way trip to KC coming up.
Dice on ESPN today--1:05.
Sorta reminds me of the Zapruder film.

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