Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Sue Ellen Mischke

Viacom sues GooTube. For a billion bucks.

As I mentioned in my own comments section, a few weeks ago, my (original) GooTube account got taken down. At least a week later, I got a letter from them, apologizing for the delay in contacting me, but that Viacom cited copyright infringement, and since I'd had videos pulled before (lie; I'd had one other one pulled), they had to cancel my account, without warning, and without giving me any access to it even privately. I asked them about their policies, but they didn't give me clear answers.

Now we know what happened. Viacom basically looked on GooTube and said, Oh my god, little 3 minute clips of shows we never plan on using again are being seen instead of locked in a vault forever! We must sue!

I will admit, while I'm not profiting off of anything I show on GooTube that I don't hold the copyright for, GooTube is, because they make money on advertising. So of course it's good that Viacom sued them as opposed to every single person who uploaded their stuff, but still, come on. Why does Viacom think they're this righteous company, acting like they've done nothing wrong? Screw all these companies. I hope they all bankrupt each other.

What I need is a place to put videos where they can just be on my site, and no one needs to know about them except for me and my readers. And if somebody sees I use something of theirs, that they were never going to use anyway, that is clearly done in tribute, credited to them, for no profit, which essentially gives them free advertising, they can, you know, realize this is the case, and just let it be. We need an overhaul of all these laws.


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