Friday, March 23, 2007

SI-ber's Pace

I was reading Sports Illustrated in a waiting room yesterday. Baseball preview issue with a great story about Matsuzaka. I was reading the preview for each team (in the American, or real, League only, of course), and when I got to the Devil Rays, I saw this little section which allowed you to vote online for the D-Rays blog with the best info. There were four choices listed. I thought, Wait, are they doing this for every team? I flipped back to the Red Sox page, and there they were: four Sox fansites. The first one listed: Joy of Sox! Honestly, I still can't find on how to get to the page where you can vote, but AJM gave us the link: VOTE FOR JOY, YET AGAIN, HERE.

Looks like a certain uppity, country-clubbish message board is well out in front in the voting. But Joy definitely has a shot at second, as he trails Capital Crud Canines by six percent.

I like how Joy has linked back to me recently, so people coming from the magazine will come over here, look at the post below this one, and say, "Wow, this dude Jere heard that news about Pap's shoulder and went right out on a limb and said the team just made that crap up and that he'd just go right back to closing, and now it's actually happened! There's a guy who can get things done. I wonder what makes him tick. I wonder if he's interested in knowing what makes me tick. I wonder if he'd accept these season tickets to Fenway that I no longer use."

No right field grandstand, please.

Sounds Like Dirt Pooches to me in that thinly veiled reference:

& Steve's still an Arse-Cap;

PUKE-BARF to him!
& my 500th Post is up, Now:

You & Reb are mentioned!
Pukebarf. Forgot about that one. Ha.

Thanks for the mention, ML.
Joy Nation has just pulled ahead of BDD. Keep those clicks coming, folks!
I thought you were battery operated, without ticking.
Wow I had a tough day. I had to put my beloved cat to sleep today. It was tough. I even heard from Reb. Take care...keep ticking..I finally got my Paps' wish.
Sorry to hear about your kitty.

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