Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Shades of Daubach

The red numbers on the blue jersey have the Sox moving into...the 90s. Of course, I've only seen photos so far. This weekend I'll be in NESN country for a while, and I hope to at least see some live highlights, since apparently they aren't showing many games this spring--none this weekend. We play the Mets today, but SNY is only showing Mets home games in ST. I think the first game I'll see is the Dunbar game on YES next Monday. I'll be sure to report on whether or not Kay describes these beautiful new hats and uniforms to the blind audience. Maybe he should keep it a secret from them: "The Yankees are decked out in their traditional road grays, no half-moon gussets or underarm color stripes to speak of here. Go to sleep little babies..."


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