Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Rocky River

Looks like Swindal won't be the next Steinbrenner after all. His wife, Jenny, aka female spawn of Big Stein, has filed for divorce. The Boss has issued a weird statement saying he will run the team "with his family." So, I guess the guy's out, as soon as the divorce goes live. Unless George adopts him.

Schill pitched well tonight. The linescore was classic Red Sox-of-late: A bunch of zeroes for the other team early, with some crooked numbers in the late innings. The culprits were Okajima and Pineiro tonight.

Is it just so far beyond irony that it's pointless to mention that the Indians are playing in the upcoming "Civil Rights Game"? The game is sponsored by Nike, who have long championed the cause of the Native American stereotypes who work in their sweatshops.

A clue is up at the current quiz.

Jere, is this a fall from grace, or a blessing (for him) in disguise?? I think he had a sweet job, so I'd have to choose the latter. DUI......
Monday coming up! How great is that!!!!!!!!!!
A different spelling from what DFYankees, TRULY-ARE!
I was thinking the same thing about the Indians playing in the civil rights game. I wonder if MLB execs thought about this and just went ahead with it anyway or if they didn't notice the irony.

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