Monday, March 12, 2007

Rise Of Pratt/Fall Of Bubba

Todd Pratt will start at catcher for the Yanks against us tonight. I saw this guy play for the New Britain Red Sox in, like, 1988. I can't believe he's lasted this long. (Actually, I couldn't believe it was the same Todd Pratt when he hit that key homer for the Mets, and then effed up that grand slam, in the '99 playoffs. Or when he hit that homer against us in a game I attended at the old Veteran's Stadium in '03.)

Oh, and now that Bubba Mania is officially (ha) over (Bubba Crosby is on the Reds now), I thought I'd bring this up. In April 2004, Bubba hit two homers in as many days, leading Yankee-folk to think they had the next Mickey Mantle on their hands. (I thought differently.) Since those home runs, Bubba has played in 192 games. You know how many homers he's hit since? Two.

Is the game on at 7:05 or 8 tonight? The Yes announcer just said it's some other show, followed by Nets pre-game, followed by the "first pitch" of Sox-Yanks at 8. The preview channel shows Nets pre-game followed by the Nets game. shows a 7:05 start. Is this game on tape delay? In fact, I saw the end of the Mets game today, and I swear they skipped an inning! What's going on with the TV coverage this spring?

TERRIBLE JOB UPDATE: Yes to show game on tape delay at 11:00 PM. Schedule at says "@BOS, 7:05,, YES". Couldn't they have said, Oh, by the way, it won't actually on til 11! I coulda gone to that Andrew WK thing! Stupid Yanks screw everybody over again. This is BS. The first Red Sox-Yankees game. Five months of waiting. The only game of the spring with any significance at all. And it's not on. Until 11. TERRIBLE JOB. I guess I'll see y'all much later tonight, as I can't really go to any sites, because I don't want to give anything away. This is stupid.

I watched it at 7:05. It was the Yes broadcast on channel 14 (which is normally the Cablevision Guide station). Weird.
I've got Time Warner. Maybe they did that, too. But there was certainly nothing telling me about it on Yes.

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