Tuesday, March 13, 2007

"Red Sox Beat Yankees"--Fun To Say Any Time Of Year

We lead 7-4in the eighth, on this, the classiest tape delay in the history of sport. It's 1:00 AM, so I'm gonna head over to Joy of Sox to see how this one turned out. Here I go...

Actually, as I was writing that, they get a double. So I'm still watching. And now the tying run is up. Why do I care about the outcome? It's spring training. I'll use this time to make fun of the Yanks. No Kay tonight. God forbid Yes puts their A-team out there (or show the game live!) for the only game of the spring that anybody cares about. I also came up with another curse source tonight. Yes is celebrating their 5th anniversary. So, I call it the "Yes, We Have No Championships" curse. And we get out of the eighth. 7-5 us. Now I'll check the final...

And Joy Boy says we got the win. (And calls Papi the classic "Flo" nickname.) Looks like Hansen gets the save. But I'm going to bed.

I was actually able to watch the Yes braodcast live on Cablevision's channel 24.
Finy brought this up in the post below, saying she got it live on her Cablevision's channel 14. I have Time Warner. If they did a similar thing, I didn't see it listed anywhere.
And it was nice to see the 'pen be a bullpen...

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