Friday, March 23, 2007

Movie News

A dark-haired Sox fan with a dark sweatjacket and jeans was spotted on 1st Avenue in the East 70s today. No, it wasn't Jere from A Red Sox Fan In Pinstripe Territory. It was Matt Damon, filming The Bourne Something-something. I took some pics of him and an actress who I later found out is called Joan Allen. Pics will be up here, uh, at some point. It's cool when movies film outside your work's front door. Well, it's at least not uncool.

Sox are getting no-hit by Birdy Bedard today. Schilling's only given up two runs, on back to back doubles by Gibbons and Millar, in five innings, and has struck out five batters. The 3B umpire is listed on Gameday as Tom Verducci.

Update: Wow, a rare reverse-jinx. 'tek immediately breaks up the no-no with a homer. The blogging belly-itcher is still in for the sixth.

oohh! Joan Allen - she is a terrific actress.
Hola from a long-suffering O's fan ... Bedard's about the best we've got, hence his opening day slot against Johan Santana (not much hope for that one) .. he's our only hope for a third-place finish this year (I've given up hoping for better than that until I see it)
Hi O's fan. I hope the O's finish ahead of the Yanks.

Note: This kid in my neighborhood where I grew up had the last name Bedard and looked like a bird, so we called him "Birdy Bedard." Kinda works for the pitcher, too, since he's on the Birds.
I'm surprised you didn't turn that into a quiz:
"What was the nickname we had for this kid Bedard from our neighborhood? And what did he think the PG-13 movie rating was originally called?"

Birdy Bedard appeared a good 7 years after the PG-13 kid left the neighborhood, and was way younger--friends with kids I was babysitting at the time. Just so everyone knows.
So glad I can always count on AJM to crack me up. I was really needing some cracking up today.

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