Saturday, March 03, 2007


Here's a poor folk's video-podcast I just made. Part 1:

Part 2, Havana Nights:

Oh crap. "" Oh well. I'm not gonna redo it at this point. Hey, March 3rd. Happy birthday to the "JA--Junior Adult" dude.

It looks like George Costanza bought the envelopes...yet again!
The repetition of the 27th championship stuff is funny to me too. They say it as though 27 is some kind of special number like 25 or 30, but it just sounds so arbitrary. I think they probably started it when they were on a roll in 2001 and just got ahead of themselves, now they have to keep using it because they've bothered to figure out which one it would be and everyone is aware of it.
That george bush letter is funny too. I'd love to be the lacky that has to find suitable events to write to and then compose the letters. I think I'd fire some off to KFC openings, just for fun.

This was quite a "behind the music (blog)" experience.
Glad you liked it, (Ry). I think you nailed it on the 27 thing. Good call.

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