Thursday, March 15, 2007

Loner Ticket Alert

They just put out a bunch of single seats for that first homestand (except for the coveted Opening and Patriots' Days). RF box and IF grandstand--non-obstructed. I got a good one in the first row of the grandstand right by third base for that Thursday afternoon game. (Which I already had really crappy upper bleacher seats for, but, come on, who was gonna go to that one with me anyway? Now I have a good view, and I can give the others to two Sox fans who don't get a chance to go too many games. You know, instead of being a dick and selling the 12 dollar tickets for $60 each to some slimebuckets who'll then resell them for 100 each AND add on a 20 dollar "service fee." Try doing good--it's totally extreme and myspacey!)


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