Monday, March 26, 2007


It's funny to see Kapstein and Drinkwater at the spring training games. I don't know how long that's been going on. But today I saw the Kap'n behind the plate at the opponents' home park. He doesn't have quite the same pull over there, as he only scored a third row seat. But he was workin'! That's right, Kap Gun was on the cell for much of the time I was watching. And he wasn't waving to the camera, if you know what I mean. He's gotta earn his keep doing...what is it he does again? Oh, right, "senior advisor/baseball projects." He must've been e-vising and maybe setting up an arts and crafts day for the players. That'd be a good project. I think Manny Delcarmen would be good at making those popsicle stick people.

I wish I could find on-line that late-70's illustration of Kapstein wearing a leisure suit and sporting a Pete Rose/Prince Valient-style was from a Sports Illustrated article (around '77 or so) about how free-agency would change baseball. Kapstein was kinda the Scott Boras of that era; he represented Lynn and Burleson I believe. Maybe I have that old SI in my parents' attic.
I was looking forward to seeing J-Kap at the PawSox banquet next week, but I just now realized that he'll probably be on the road with Boston.

I want my money back!
I think there's a chance he goes to the PawSox thing. I've never seen him behind the plate at any road parks in the reg. season. But he might sit in the special glassed-in seats. (Though he seems like more of an "I must sit behind the plate or I'm not going!" type of guy.

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