Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Jere For Sale Again

Buy now!

Wow, I hadn't thought to look up my old band on eBay in a really long time. Today I checked, and there's the 7-inch. This person (in Maryland...hmmm) really went all out trying to sell the record. I forgot about the sweet yellow label we did! You can see me, second from left, with mohawk, and looking like a dwarf! I swear I'm not that short.

You can also see the inside of the sleeve, on which we had pics of us and some show fliers. Check out my Danny Cooksey* flier on the top right.

*Sam from Diff'rent Strokes.

I can't tell if you guys are washing your hands or putting kethcup on frnech fries.
Brian and I are playing Ms. Pac-Man, Tim is playing a game without a marquee, and Pat's playing GORF. At Bridgeport, CT's What's Your Game?
I played Galaga once for about 4 hours on one quarter till my hand cramped up so bad I let myself lose...also, I lived a year in Olney, Maryland, where your old 7-incher currently resides before it is shipped off to some lucky (I hope- never heard your band) listener...Olney never struck me as having anyone to talk to about Bad Religion, let alone some band I'd never even heard of...odd.
Baltimore was the first stop on our tour in 2001. So I bet it was from that, but then again, we traded shows (and merch) a lot with a band from Baltimore, one of the all-time best bands, Charm City Suicides. So it could've been through that.

I always spent too much time trying to get that double-ship deal, and it would cost me dearly. Galaga was one of those games I should've been good at but just really wasn't.
I've spent many weekends in Olney, MD. Years ago, my friend Stacia was the costume manager at the Olney Theater and I drove down from south Jersey to visit for the weekend. She was my closest friend (geographically-speaking), as neither of us knew anyone in the places we were living. We used to go to the now defunct Insect Club and that place called "Heaven and Hell" back in our early 20s.

I really liked that little Silver Spring down town-ish area. There was an awesome breakfast place there (name escapes me) that always had the best fresh squeezed juices.

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