Monday, March 26, 2007

Jealousy Boys

About the article about Schilling's blog by Shaughnessy:

TJ as usual, Dan. I don't understand how people who have a job in sports can make fun of people who follow sports in their free time. If a fan who talks about sports on their computer is a loser, what does that make a person whose livelihood depends on sports? You're the one "livin' the dream," Dan.

Granted, many commentors on 38 Pitches spend time thanking Curt for what he's done, and when you read 100 people do it, it can get tiresome. But do you blame them? As long as each person says their thank you and moves on, what's the harm in it? Some people do pathetic things, like trying to plug their site or ask Curt to dinner or whatever, but that's gonna happen regardless. Like the way young actors will try to give a Hollywood star a screenplay. You just avert your gaze until the awkward moment is over.

I got to see Dice pitch on ES-urine-N on my lunch break. You know the deal by now: He didn't have his A-game, yet didn't allow a hit in five innings. I can't wait to see this guy at Fenway. Oh, and in today's game, the wind was blowing so hard, it felt like you were watching one of those earthquake videos.

That's like a bad teenage blog entry, not something that should be published by a major newspaper. CHB is pathetic.
I wonder what the comments would read like if the CHB started a blog.
Good call.

Good call.
Take the CHB & hang him by his ankles, from the light tower, behind the huge Shea Stadium Scoreboard. What's the matter Dan? Can't take a joke?
Dice-K Saturday in need to be there, EVERYONE else will be!
Thanks for the invite, Matty. But I kind of scrapped doing trips this year in favor of MORE Fenway games. (Although my girlfriend's friend from Balty ended up getting us tix for a game down there this year, so we can meet then...)

I mean, of course, even though I knew I wasn't going to this Philly thing, I was there on the day they went on sale, seeing what I COULD have gotten. I also thought of it in terms of: Why spend money on a game so close to reg. season that doesn't count, when I could go to some other city for a game that DOES count? Not like anyof that stuff has ever stopped me before--but like I said, the fact that I was buying SO many Fenway tix tipped the scales toward not going.

But there's still a few days. Maybe I'll change my mind. (And I did read your entry about Quinnski and Finski and anti-McCarver going. Sounds fun. It's not like I'd miss out on meeting those fine folks, as I've met them all before, in weird locations--a movie theater, a bookstore, and the Upper Deck of The Toilet. I'm sure I'll get to meet you down in Maryland this summer.)
And you could hand-deliver my coasters!
The coasters...dammit! I forgot all about the coasters. There's Sox in Balty in April, August and September...keep me posted. I usually pick one game from each series, so I'll choose accordingly...

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