Wednesday, March 14, 2007

I Couldn't Tell Ya..Too Much Static

I noticed on one of s. silva's (aka the man behind bostondirtdogs) Extra Bases updates, he said "we listened to the game on the Twins radio network," and then proceeded to give us some highlights. Weird, I thought, as the game was in Ft. Myers. The Globe can't send their "reporters" across town? Okay, maybe he just meant they listened to the play-by-play while actually being at the game. That would make more sense--they wouldn't have someone report on a game they weren't at...

But they would. And they did it again today. Again, it was a Silva report, and this time it read

Editor's note: Information gathered by listening to the game on the radio.

Are they serious? Wouldn't this be the perfect ending to the entire pathetic dirtdogs reign of terror? Maybe they're afraid to fire him, so they're just pulling an Office Space on him, figuring if they just stop sending him to games (and giving him paychecks), the problem will solve itself.

Again, let me just write this out one more time so I can re-read it to make sure it's actually real:

The Boston Globe has employees reporting on games when they weren't there, or even watching on TV, but listening to the game on the radio.

P-p-p-pathetic! But I'm not surprised..

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