Thursday, March 29, 2007


Look at this. The sub-headline is (as of 5 PM) "Ochoa's solo shot completes Boston's game-knotting comeback". Yet according to Gameday, Yahoo, and message boards, Ochoa's HR was in the eighth, and it cut the lead to one. It was Argenis Diaz who hit the game-tying shot in the ninth. Yahoo also doesn't have the Diaz homer listed in the batting totals. I know it's spring training, but do these people put any effort at all into doing their jobs? I mean, this guy Diaz just hit what to him is a huge home run. And in the above mlb article, it says "Red Sox at the plate: Manny Ramirez finished his Grapefruit League season by going 2-for-2. David Ortiz produced an RBI single. Alex Ochoa added a solo homer." Diaz goes completely unmentioned in the article.

It's almost as if they proclaimed the game over before the bottom of the ninth and then said, "Okay, Diaz, we're gonna let you hit a home run because you'll never have this chance again." And then he hit a squibber to the mound but all the fielders let him run around the bases. And everyone except Diaz himself knew it didn't really count. But at least the run went on the board.

Update: says, "Juan Diaz had a homer in the bottom of the ninth." At least they know about Diaz' homer. Granted, they thought it was a different Diaz, but, come on, it's only 2006. I'm sure the carrier pigeon accidentally shit on the first name so they had to take a guess. No biggie.

This Diaz...he a friend a yours? Maybe the Globe was just listenin' on the ol' radio again and it didn't come back from commercial fast enough and missed his jack...

P.S. I'm outta Blurgatory, baby! Sweet...
I bet they really were listening to it on the radio! Even if the only problem was Diaz not getting his due for what in reality is a completely meaningless homerun, I'd still be a little pissed. But they have the wrong guy and neither nor has corrected this!

I mean, obviously felt the game-tying ninth inning HR was important, since they made a headline out of it--so get the right player!

Because of their egregious mistake, every paper picking up the game story is not mentioning the guy who actually hit the game-tying HR in the botto of the ninth. This is unbelievable to me.

Theo, I brought you into this world, and I can put you right back into blurgatory! ha
You are mad with the Power of Cosby...

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