Friday, March 09, 2007


The bats are alive today, as we scored four times in the first. A triple for Lugo, a double for Papi and Doug, and a sac fly for the little guy. Gabbo-cubed is working on giving back the runs in the bottom of the first, though. Quit working on that gyroball, Kason.

Craig Hansen will get his first work in today. On Tuesday, I reported he pitched in the ninth inning against the Marlins. This was reported by Gameday, and even went into the original boxscore. That boxscore can be seem in this thread. (It even credits Hansen with the win and a blown save.) And here is where people on SoSH argue back and forth about whether or not it was Hansen in there or not. You'll see in that thread a cut-and-paste from Gameday showing that Hansen had replaced Mike Burns. What really happened was that Burns stayed in the game. How they could think a new pitcher came in when it was really the same guy is beyond me.

When I have no access to actually witness the game, I have to go by reports from the 'net. When MLB makes a mistake, and I report it, that's their fault. It's not like I heard from a friend of a friend or something. All I can do is correct it later when I find out what really happened. Please direct all complaints and grievances to the MLB offices and Gameday staff. Hopefully they won't make mistakes in the regular season.

Last night, he had some rust to rid himself of. Little Manny was great, but with the final score 11-10 good guys, pitching was at a premium. And I wrote about Timlin, his state of health and the state of our Sox if he BECOMES OUR CLOSER. Ill wind? Maybe.....maybe bigtime.......

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