Thursday, March 22, 2007

G'Night, Everybody! Thank You, Thank You Very Much.

The grassroots effort within my brain has worked. Pap is closer again!

On January 4th, I gave the chance to the Red Sox to change their bullshit story about Pap being more easily injured as a closer. Apparently, today they will. In the Rotoworld article, there's something in thee about Pap "requesting" the move. Suuurrre. I also saw the report scroll across on ESPN.

Predictably, the fantasy fools at Rotoworld are against the move, saying "more innings=better." Yeah, for your non-existent fantasy team! For the real team, we need him as closer!

Update: Terrible job, also, by Rotoworld for suggesting the team is doing this based on fans and media pressure. I mean, I like to thin they read my blog, but I hope they wouldn't just base actual decisions on it. However, it should be noted that it was the Rotoworld types who they listened to in the first place! They're only seeing what should be done, and making the correction.
(Of course, this whole report could prove to be bullshit, so we'll all keep our eyes open.)

Update 2: If you're against this move, think about it: We had the best closer in baseball last season. Now we still do. Good? Good. Without him in the ninth, we have a chance of blowing great game after great game thrown by our starters.

Final Update, before I just start a new post already: "He was lights out last year. I'd love to have him back as closer. It makes us a better team." --Tim Wakefield

I hear that the Sox are also planning to announce that they intend to forfeit every fifth game this year, since they no longer will have an acceptable fifth starter.*

Of course, not having to worry about having a lead to save 20% of the time should save plenty of wear and tear on Paplebon's shoulder out of the bullpen.

*based on the reasonable assumption that Lester will not be ready to start the year in the rotation, and that the Sox are apparently unwilling to give Devern Hansack his much-deserved opportunity to make the big club.
I'll take four solid starters and a mule in today's game. That plus the best closer--we're gold.
Just think, Jere: taking Papelbon out of the rotation opens up a slot for The Triumphant Return of Roger Clemens!

I will have to study the ramifications this will have on my vaunted, and as yet untested, "Seven Inning Plan." Of course, today he blew the save. Go figure.
And on another note, it's time to start voting:

Silva is apparently campaigning on his piece of shit site. Looks like you'll need to reprise your role as Allan's Campaign Manager.
I've railed against these muttonheads at Rotoworld for some time now on my blog. They seem to absolutely hate Terry Francona for some reason too. I consider them a bunch of smartasses who think they are too cool for school.

Screw 'em.

He blew the save? That's so ridiculous that it would happen today.

AJM: I'm all over the SI thing in Joy of Sox's comments. However, I couldn't find the link (I saw it in the print version totally randomly today), so thanks for that. I will definitely get the word out.

Quinn--nice call.
I've been calling for this move forever....and the Sox just became the best team in baseball.
So, wait a minute...they're gonna make Tavarez the fifth starter?!? They've gotta be completely shitting me. Get ready for 180 innings of complete suckitude, unless Lester is ready by the ASB or the Sox wise up and give Hansack a chance.

You'd think they'd at least give Snyder a shot ahead of Tavarez the Psycho.
Never thought I'd say this, but give Tavarez a chance. He really stepped up at the end of last season (when others were stepping down). I'd love to see the guy turn his reputation around with the Red Sox.
Papelbon, Pineiro, Delcarmen, Okajima, and a bunch of other guys is a pretty decent pen. It'd be better if you threw Tavarez in there and put Hansack in the rotation, but I think a lot of the questions about the Sox just went away.
Tavarez was the ONLY good starter we had last September. So, again, since I'd take 4 great starters and a mule, it's okay if he's the mule. Better than him being a closer. I'd love it if he came out and said "Just so you know, everybody, I don't hate gay people, I'd like to apologize for my previous statements, and I also promise to not lose my temper." I doubt that will happen, but, in the meantime, he's still an okay #5 until we get Hansack or Lester in there.

He also gets the benefit of pitching the game after people saw Wake's knuckler all day.
And now I just read STJ's comment. Agreed.
"Tavarez was the ONLY good starter we had last September"

He pitched well in a handful of meaningless, zero-pressure games against Kansas City, Baltimore and Toronto when the Sox were out of the playoff picture. I trust him as far as I can throw him in any key situation...he has a long history of choking in key situations. Besides, Gabbard, Snyder and Hansack all pitched well in September too.

I don't hate the decision to move Papelbon back to the closer role. But I find the timing odd, as Piniero, who they made a not-insignificant investment in, had been pitching much better of late. And I think the impact of this is overstated; still feel that closers in general are overrated, and that the bigger issue for this team was the overall concerns with the entire that extent, I guess Paps back to the pen has a good amount of value. But it comes at the expense of 150-200 starter innings that they have to make up. Fortunately they don't really need the fifth starter in April. My guess is that by June somebody other than Tavarez has that slot.

Maybe The Rocket... Ducking Again
What Tavarez showed he can do last year, or even if he does half that good, is good enough for the five hole. We had guys that did horrible in meaningless games, too. I don't want him to be a fixture in the rotation, but I think this works for now. Although I really wouldn't mind throwing Snyder or Hansack or Lester (as soon as he's ready) in there.

Yeah, this helps the pen because now the closer role is solid, giving us more depth. Piniero looks a million times better right now, I think, knowing Pap is there.

No on 21. I honestly would love it if Henry is like, Yeah, I'm totally down with offering the most money, look at this crazy offer I've made Clemens, it's what the fans want. Only to have him go to the Yanks. maybe then the younger Sox fans would get the message and FINALLY say "screw that guy." And it would also show our front office that just buying the biggest stars doesn't always work--the Yanks have shown us that of late.

Throw the billions of dollars Clemens will cost into player development or whatever.
You do realize that I'm just yanking your chain on this Clemens stuff? I hate that fatass with the intensity of a thousand suns. I actually stopped liking him after he got himself thrown out of Game 4 of the '90 ALCS...I couldn't believe that he could have behave so stupidly in that situation. Of course, in the years to come, we got several more examples of what a complete dope he could be. For the last 6 years of his Sox career, I basically viewed him as a necessary evil.

And if I still thought he could be a dominant pitcher in the AL East, I'd probably be willing to accept him now one last time as a necessary evil. But I don't believe he can be any more than league-average at this point, so at the ridiculously bloated price tag he'd inevitably command, I'd be happy to see him go to the Yanks. The thing I really don't get are the people who want him to come back as some sort of a healing "homecoming". Screw that...he had many chances over the last decade to make things right with us, and it's too late now.
Oh yeah, I know. I 'm just restating my opinion now that there actually will be a possible opening for the guy, and it will get talked about for real again. As opposed to the "every week, just for the hell of it, 'what will Roger do?' articles all over the place.."

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