Thursday, March 01, 2007

From What I Can Tell...

Big number 92 Scott White has hit two homers for the Sox against Northeastern today. After being no-hit for three innings by the college kids, we exploded for either six or eleven runs.

The other half of the Sox is trailing the Jays 4-1 late, as Hansack and Gabbo, Gabbo, GABBO have given up runs, I believe.

Damon and Giambi have gone deep for Dunbar against the Twin Cities.

Okay,'s scoreboard just updated. They'd left out another 5-run inning in that Northeasern game. Final: Sox 11, whatever Northeastern is called 0. Bulldogs, right? Update: Huskies. Whoops.

As for last night, make that "wide-eyed Huskies." And today, in a day/night, the debut of Manny in game one, the Manny who now wants to finish his career with us, and import supreme Daisuke Matsuzaka. That game, as you know, Jere, will be on NESN from 6 to 7pm. But what you may NOT know is that WTIC AM1080 is also broadcasting the 'EEI feed at 6pm. You can listen! Hope that helpes! I'm in YOUR corner! Have a tremendous weekend.
Thanks Boguslawski. I'll try to pick up 1080 from the kitchen radio. It barely comes in but I'm sure I'll be able to make some of it out. Wow, this is the first time I'm imagining Castiglione's voice saying "Dice-K rocks, kicks, and deals." Although he'll probably call him "Matsuzaka" most of the time.

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