Friday, March 30, 2007

Fireworks Or Lack Thereof

You know that luncheon thing where Dice-K and Okajima answered a bunch of questions from reprters? Doesn't it seem like every blog that reports on it uses a different source? That's not all that weird, but it almost seems like everyone thinks they've found this secret story that no other paper has. I'm sure that's not the case with everyone, but it kinda seems like it on some blogs. I'm not, like, angry about this, I just think it's funny the way that story is just kind of lurking below the surface all over the place, but still not breaking out as one huge story.

So I won't provide a link. Just do a news search on Dice and add "Zimmer" or "Jolie" or "When Harry Met Sally."

Gervais News! Ricky will be playing the Theater at Madison Square Garden on May 19th. A Saturday--perfect. I can come back to NYC to see him. This is his US stand-up debut, as part of David Bowie's Highline Festival. Get your tickets now, they just went on sale.

Did you know that on the last three Independence Days, the Red Sox have played a team they'd never played on Independence Day before? Devil Rays, Braves, and Rangers. (Although they'd played the Rangers' franchise in the past. Red Sox-Senators (and Red Sox-[Philadelphia] A's) doubleheaders on the 4th of July were commonplace back in the day). Retrosheet is fun.


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