Thursday, March 08, 2007

Embarrassing Myself Since '75

I had this brilliant idea, but, well, check it out.

I love how Chan plays the "dad" role in this. Speaking of dad, happy birthday, dad.

Watching this again, that first attempt wasn't half bad. Oh well.

Happy Birthday Uncle Jeggie and Nora!
The first take was great! Maybe "Hazel" (Shirley Booth) could put another coat of wax on the floor.
JERE ! I so needed a laugh today ... that was incredible ... and fun ... and you looked like you enjoyed yourself !
Happy to help.
Peter: Way to bring Booth into the equation out of nowhhere, heh.
Loved the concept, and the execution was better than you're giving yourself credit for.

Is Hanes now ARSFIPT's first official advertiser?

And does Chan's heart rate ever get above 60 bpm? Dude's gotta be the most nonchalant person on the planet.
Thanks. I think my problem was, on the little flip screen, it looked off--I wanted to get close enough so it was big enough to be read, but a little too close and the edges get cut off. And the screen shows a little more or less than what you see on a real TV or whatever.

No on Hanes. I don't even know where I got those. I think they were my dad's and got mixed up in a laundry error at some point in the past.

You've got Chan pegged. The rate only goes up when he plays hoops.

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