Friday, March 16, 2007

E-Schilling Stuff

Some stuff about Schilling's blog. His latest post is about the whole contract situation. Check it out. It's so cool to hear regular updates on a key player from the man himself.

Here's a comment on that post, from someone who was ripping Curt:

Your unbeleivably blessed to play baseball. Your play on the field speaks for itself, your not bigger than the game.

The "your" monster strikes again. You can always tell a stupid person--and in many cases, a Yankee fan, because while not all Yankee fans are stupid, almost all stupid people are Yankee fans--by their complete lack of understanding of the fact that "your" and "you're" have different meanings. I'll cut this guy some slack on the "i before e" rule, though. That's a nearly impossible poem to remember. I mean, there are, like, four lines to remember!

Now, some more of Schill answering your questions:

Q-How did I become a Christian?

A-Real simple one there. In 1997, in the midst of my first real big year, I was driving home from the park and wondering just what in the hell this was all for. What was I living my life for? Who was I living my life for? I had two children and no idea what the whole goal and purpose was for anything in life? I was making stupid money, my marriage is awesome, I have two lovely wonderful healthy kids, but at the end of the day who was I living my life for? When I figured it out, or thought I had, I gave my life to Christ and have never looked back.

Uh, what? The wife and the kids weren't doin' it for you? I'm confused. "Good night, kids, daddy loves you--but know that this just isn't enough for me..." That makes no sense to me. This Jesus guy sounds mighty persuasive...

Q-Why associate with the Republican Party? Blah blah blah.

A-The question that could open Pandora’s box. Bottom line is I don’t associate myself with either party. I don’t vote on party lines and never will. I vote for the thanks, ambrosiasw.comcandidate I feel is the best person for the job. Was President Bush flawless? Nope. Has anyone ever been? Nope. Having said that I won’t add to the crap that’s out there, and disparage the ultimate sacrifice made by thousands of men and woman over the last 4 years, too many other second guessers doing that already. The amazing thing to me is the fact that only about 50-60% of this country that can vote, does. It seems we have been locked into voting for the candidate we least dislike in local elections rather than the person that we know is going to do a great job.

I'm really glad he said this. I like that he says he votes for the best person, not strictly the Republican. But what gets me, naturally, is the line about "disparaging" what the troops are doing. Do you want them to die or live? If you want them to live, think about whether it's absolutely necessary for them to risk their lives in each individual situation. In this one, it's not necessary at all. No one's trying to disparage anything by saying "end this damn war."

I'm not sure the "why I am a christian" question is actually worth noticing, those never end well. The republican thing is far less awful than I would have anticipated--but don't think that will be the last political posting, as you have probably noticed, all blogging inevitably degenerates into politics. It isn't as though he's alone amoung baseball players in of those people. At least he is honest about it.
You're (I got it right!) right about the Schill blog. It's nice to hear the real goings-on from a player himself. Have a great weekend.
"I like that he says he votes for the best person, not strictly the Republican."

So you believe him? Let me put it this way, do you think he's ever thought the best person for the job was a Democrat? I'd bet everything I own on the answer.

Thanks for giving me a chance to check out Schilling's blog without going there.
"You can always tell a stupid person--and in many cases, a Yankee fan, because while not all Yankee fans are stupid, almost all stupid people are Yankee fans--by their complete lack of understanding of the fact that "your" and "you're" have different meanings. "

Wow. I must have overlooked this part the first time I read the post. If I didn't know you, I'd think you were kidding. But since I do, I know it's just your prejudice.

By the way, many people are smart but poorly educated. They may not know the difference between "your" and "you're" because they were never taught properly.
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About what Schilling's saying: Of course I went into this knowing of his well-publicized right-wing past. That's why I'm saying I'm glad when he says things that show he's at least a little smarter than "I blindly vote Republican." And yes, I believe him. Why would he need to lie in that case? Everybody knows he's a right-winger, he's not trying to hide that. I wouldn't bet on him voting for a non-Republican right about now, either, though.

re: Yankee fans. The Yankees have way more championships than anyone else. Therefore, of all the stupid people in the world, most will flock to them. My best friends, roommate, and many family members are Yankee fans. Doesn't make them stupid. But they know as well as anybody that their team attracts a lot of riffraff. Morons, nitwits, frontrunners, weak-minded individuals, losers who need to feel like winners, that kind of thing.
I don't think Schilling needs to lie about being right-wing, he clearly does not. I do think he wants to appear more independent and open-minded than he truly is, because that's part of his image as a thinking man, and Schilling is extremely concerned with his image. From what I've heard of his politics, he's not very open-minded and there's very little thinking involved.

Thanks for your clarification on the Yankees comment. Obviously we just disagree on this point, but we knew that already. :)
But it's not like an obvious racist saying "I have no problems with black people" to look better, knowing that saying you don't like black people would cause problems. You can admit to being a far-right person without worry of people stoning you... So why would he say "I vote for the strongest candidate" unless he really believed it. Which, you're right, is different than actually ever doing it. I guess I was just happy to hear someone I though was SO Republican come out and deny he is one.

re: those Yanks: They have more fans than any other team, maybe in sports. And more people latch onto them than, say, the Royals, just because they want to be associate with a "winner," or because they want to seem like a bad ass New Yorker in their suburban town wherever it may be. So, by that logic, they have a higher percentage of dumb people, and definitely casual/frontrunning fans than any other team. I'd like to do a survey on this or something.

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