Thursday, March 08, 2007

Curt Schilling's New Baby

I saw on Joy of Sox that Curt Schilling just started a blog. This is so weird. There he is, in his own comments section, answering questions like any other blogger.

"If you want to rip me and not have the post deleted please do so as cleanly as possible." --Curt Schilling

Looks like Curt has the same problems as the rest of us...

Ooh, look at this, from a commentor on the first post: Schilling, Bloody sock notwithstanding, you talk too much. Its that simple. Shut up and pitch. And take this stupid web site down.

In classic dumbguy asshole style, the dude spells "it's" without the apostrophe. But Curt responds!

Simple solution is to not come here and read it:)
Pretty sure no one made you click the link to come here.

This is bizzarro.

Note: The pic at the top of his blog is the exact same one that's used for the "Spring Training Spotlight" article, currently in the two-hole at What's the deal with that?

Yeah, but can Schilling make Cosby-Parody Videos?
Funny you should mention that--I recently found out who got me kicked off of U-Tube: Viakkkom. (I'm trying not to spell any of these words correctly for my own security.) I checked to see what they own, and among a million others, they own Nick at Nite. So I think they must've seen the Cosby video.
I am excited by the prospect of Medfield-related restaurant reviews and rants. TJ by anyone trying to dissuade him from blogging.
Like many of us out there I felt the need to point out schilling's blog on my blog. It wasn't totally flattering but I did call him "cerebral and articulate"...anyway I check the server log just now and there he is, referred from some wordpress stat-meter admin page, IP address in florida.

So anyway, Curt Schilling, who's jersy t-shirt I own and frequently wear, now probably thinks that I'm a jerk. Which makes me feel a little queasy.
My blog says "Impeach Bush" on it...

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