Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Comin' Up 'House

Good day for the Red Sox' starters today against New York (NL). Three shutout innings apiece for Wake Island and Pap I'll Land (That Closer's Role Again if Jere Has Any Say in it). Pap's only hit was a bloop double that dropped in between two players, according to some random person on a message board. All the regular-types either got a hit or knocked in a run, except for Dice in the Mir' (Mirabelli, not Dice-K). Currently it's 5-0 Sox in the sixth.

EXHIBITION GAME OVERREACTION UPDATE: It was a guarantee--not because I jinxed it, but because our bullpen is pretty shitty. I saw Donnelly's name, and I had no doubt runs would score. Sure enough, he walks the first two, then two singles, then Okajima comes in a boom, 3-run homer. 5 for the Mets in the seventh to tie. How about putting Pap back in the pen, even if it's for no other reason than so we'll have one solid pitcher out there?

GAND SLAM WALK-OFF BY ED ROGERS UPDATE: Yeah, that. Nice job, Ed. What a way to make a livin'.

Note to self, or anyone else reading this 20,000 years from now: "What a way to make a livin'" line was from the song "9 to 5" from the movie of the same name--used due to 9-5 final score. Oh, and another thing, for you 20,000 years from now people: Your suspicions were correct--I was indeed emporer of this great civilization. I was a good king. Helped out out the little people. Ended the male default terms in the English language. Abolished terriblejobism.
PRETTY shitty?? You are too generous.....Jere, the difference between first place and third place in the AL East is exactly right there. I wish it wasn't so, what with our rotation. But.....well, just but.

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