Monday, March 12, 2007

CC DeVille

You may know I am a fan of Andrew W.K. In fact, he's the official party-anthem-singin', dirty clothes-wearin', bleed-on-commandin' artist of ARSFIPT. Well, Chan noticed this NYT article about WK. He's apparently discovered the joys of blowing your own mind by using it, to, like, think and stuff. He'll be doing what he calls the "Joy Trilogy" here in NYC at The P.I.T.

This dude is nuts! But we knew this. Either way, I'm not letting you people stop me any longer...I'm going to clown college!

I may go to episode two or three of this trilogy. We'll see. Might be weird. I've only seen AWK once, and it was at the is weird Xmas show at BB King's, which has become the home of old bands reuniting. (I think I saw PE is playing there! And Overkill played there! You just sit around with a bunch of oldies eating dinner and reliving your youth. I guess.) Anyway, WK had really short hair and sunglasses and did a very non-metal song, at about half the intensity level of his full band shows. I'd like to see this guy actually rock in person, but I seem to keep catching his oddball antics instead. But that's cool.


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