Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Call To Arms (That Have Hands That Hold Cameras)

Dear Everyone,

Did you ever dream of being an unpaid photo-correspondent for a mildly popular blog? Well, dream no more, B. I'm looking for people who live in, or will be taking a road trip to, any of the American League cities in 2007. When the Red Sox are in town, take some pictures, and send them to me electronically for posting here. You can even caption them yourself! Or share whatever stories you may have to tell. E-mail me at [Two2067 at aol dot com] or put a comment on this post telling me you're interested.

I'm prepared to bribe you with one (1) DVD of my Red Sox World Series Rolling Rally mini-movie, which, trust me, looks way cooler than it does over the internet.

I've already got Jason helping me out in Seattle. And my cousin Kara out in San Diego--consider this my asking her. And I'll be in Baltimore for a game myself.

The following cities are up for grabs: KC, Arlington, Toronto, Minneapolis, Oakland, Detroit, Cleveland, Tampa, LA, Chicago, plus the bonus NL cities of Atlanta and whatever city the Arizona club plays in. And New York. That's right, I say New York because I don't have any Toilet tickets this season, and I'll be moving to Boston next month.

Just thought I'd throw that in there without making a huge deal about it. How you like them apples?

This offer is mainly for people who don't have their own blog, but if you do have a blog, and for some reason would rather have your pics go up here than on your own site, or want to just put a few pics up here, by all means, feel free. But I wouldn't want to take attention away from your own blog. I'd link back to you, of course, if you do want to do that. Also, there can be multiple people for each city, which would actually be better for the cities the Sox make multiple trips to. Let me know. Thanks, humans.

Update (and first example of beggar being chooser): When I say "pictures," I mean mainly pre-game and dugout type shots. If you get good in-game action shots, that's cool, too, but I like the stuff you can't see on TV more, whether it be a guy picking his nose in the on deck circle, or a group of Red Sox fans in the stands in funny wigs, or stuff around the ballpark.

I got your back, Jere!

ps: I'm psyched your moving to Boston!!! Our house is on the market and I'm hoping we'll be moving before the end of the Summer. I'm prettty confident that we won't move before the Red Sox come out here though, so I'll get you pictures!
ps: Will you have to change your blog's name?
Thanks, Kara! One day we're in NY and Cali, and the next we'll be living closer to each other than we ever have!

All I have to do with the blog name is change "in" to "from." The "official initials" will just change from ARSFIPT to RSFPT or RSF/PT--which is a change I could've made anyway, just taking out the little words.
Wow, this is pretty huge news. I guess my days of almost-but-never-quite running into you on the UES are over. I'll miss all your observations about NYC. On the other hand, I'm sure you'll have all sorts of interesting things to show us about Boston.

My wife and I were thinking about getting a small apartment in the city for work convenience/weekends; maybe I'll have to take over the ARSFIPT title...
There's an apartment opening up May 1st! Email me if you want details.
I might be able to serve as your Toronto correspondent. I'm going to all but one of the games at Skydome. I probably would not post as many pix at JoS as you would here.

(Doesn't look like Dice will pitch in the 1st series. Boo.)
That'd be perfect, and I'd be honored. That's right, you're not big on the mega phoot galleries, so this work work nicely. Thanks.

Yeah, if Dice is penciled in for the 11th, he'd go Pats' Day, and then the Saturday of the Yanks series. But the best laid plans of Dice and pen are usually rained out by April showers.
"phoot galleries" is the hip new way to say "photo galleries."
In honor of Jere's move to the Hub, I present the ESPN Fantasy Baseball Rock Opera commmercial, featuring:
Old Hickory Gammons in wig
John Kruk apparently thinking he's Meatloaf
Hero to Late 70's Art-Rock Nerds everywhere, Geddy Lee, and...
none other than Bronson "Seems to Think He Really Is a Rockstar" Arroyo.

I like them apples. Jere, you're wicked smaaht.
But what about Chan?

I can cover Oakland for you - I'm going to all four games and I can send you any pics that I don't use.
you're not big on the mega phoot galleries

I am more of a text guy.
I am shocked. SHOCKED.

Well, not that shocked.
AJM: Thanks for the vid. Gammons has gone from unintentionally funny while not trying to be funny to pretty funny at being intentionally funny.

Amy: Thanks. Will "wicked" just slowly ease in to my vernacular now?

SFSF: Fear not about Chan. He'll get a new place in the city--which will be great for him. He's not big on roommates. I give him credit for dealing with me for two years. That was the plan--two years. And thanks for giving me some pics from Oaktown. That'll be cool.

Redsock: Indeed, you are the text master. Your use of visuals is at the perfect level, I think. It's like cursing--don't overdo it, just hit 'em with one when they least fucking expect it. This is what gets you into SI!

Ryan: Nice Michael Kay impression. It'll be nice to not have to hear that man's voice!!!!!
I can definitely get you B-more pics from the two series you won't be at in April and September, and I might be able to enlist my bro-in-law to snap some Sox pics in Cleve-town, as he's a hoity-toity season ticketer at the Jake Burns out there...
Yeah, if I could get my SLF on some Cleveland pics, that'd be great. Enlist away. And thanks for fulfilling the Charm City assignment.
That's awesome. Congrats on the upcoming move! I am looking forward to more Boston blog coverage.
It sounds like you already have a Seattle person, but if you want an "alternate camera angle," I'd be happy to send over some pix. I'll be going to most of the games out here and I usually only post one or two photos on my blog.
P.S. Congrats on moving to Boston!
My thanks above was written before I saw Kristin's comment. So, Kristin, yes, that would be sweet! You could battle it out with Jason to see who's the champion of Seattle photo-taking. Also, I somehow never knew you were in Seattle. I even have your blog in my links listed with the (MA) notation. I'll change that to (WA). And thanks for the congrats.
I am attending the Minneapolis games in May AND HOPING to jump the train down to ChiTown for the end of August ... I'll keep ya posted !
Wow, that's awesome. Thanks, Novy. I appreciate all of you answering, this is really cool. I know JS from baseball heavy is going to Minneapolis this year, too. Hopefully she sees this soon and wants to add to the Minny fun.
Of the 26 road series', we've got 14 potentially covered (I'm talkin' to a guy in KC...), plus three Yankee series' which will be easy to take care of. Finding someone in Tampa would potentially be 3 more series' covered. The six left are Texas (2), Arizona, Atlanta, LA, and Detroit--maybe one of Sam's Michigan buds could do that one. This is really moving along. Thank you all.
Cool Jere...I'll "battle it out" with Jason in Seattle. Can we get pins that say "Official Photographer of ARSFIPT?" ( :

(Yes...I'm from MA but I moved to WA in 2003. MA to WA.)
Ha! That's a great idea. Maybe I'll whip something up....
Just moved to the Portland, OR area from the Bay Area and I'll be headed to a couple of the Sox games in Seattle in August. I'll be happy to send you whatever I can get (even though you may already be covered for Seattle).

Looking forward to my first game at SAFECO!!!
Cool. Thanks. The more the better. I'll add you to my formerly mythical but now actually existing list. There are two series out there this season, so we'll be covered nicely between the three of you.
Will shoot you a few pics & sketches from Philly, this Saturday:

Yes to NESN & No "YES" for you & No Backwards Kay
I'll try and get some decent shots, but my ballpark photos are always Tiny Nomar or Blurry Trot walking up to the plate.

I could borrow a honking big Minolta and superzoom and then scan the photos.

I don't know about hotel-type off the field pictures. Those require a certain amount of balls that I do not posess.
Thanks, Michael.

JS: Thanks. And I didn't mean I wanted anyone to do hotel stalking. More like just showing the experience of being at whatever city's park and stuff. And shooting players during BP or whatever.
So Jere sorry bout the delay but ive been busy. Ill be glad to take pics for ya..ill be using em too but will do! sign me up for Texas!!
btw Ill be at San Diego and a Baltimore series
Whatever you can do will be much appreciated! Thanks! The cool part about this is I get to say "Nice shootin', Tex."

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