Sunday, March 18, 2007

The Cake

I wish we'd get this Nick Markakis guy already. Grew up rooting for the Sox on Long Island, had an amazing year in '06 (from June on), and is hitting .400 in 40 AB this spring.

Pitching was solid today in win over the O's with their Jere-ish trio of Markakis, Stern, and Millar.

Smarch Smadness update: Chan's Florida squad is currently tied with eight minutes left.

Two things I forgot to mention from the Sox-Mets game last week: 1. They showed Pedro in a crazy, orange, striped shirt, laughing and being Perdoey. 2. In the ninth inning, the Mets' catcher was waiting to catch a pop up. He flipped the mask, and it went right toward the umpire. Umpy reaches out like a hockey goalie and catches the mask. It was amazing. It wasn't a soft toss, either. Great instincts by that ump. Chan and I saw it, but the SNY-nouncers said nothing about it, and no replay was shown. Did the NESNnouncers say anything about it?

Just found your blog via Mr. Fab's blog. As a die hard Bosox fan way down in Florida I am looking forward to the season to say the least. I will be back.

Cool. Welcome.
Game was not listed by NESN:

The only Carriage was by SNY, hence The Nose of Hernandez was there.

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