Thursday, March 15, 2007

But He Ain't No Bowie Kuhn

Amazingly, the answer to the latest quiz--Bowie Kuhn--died before anyone got the answer. (After the news broke, three people guessed it, since we already knew the answer was a baseball commissioner.) I couldn't believe it when I heard the news. Having had Kuhn in my head these last few days, as people were trying to guess the answer.

Of course, when I heard he died, I couldn't say anything here, as not to give away the quiz answer. That's the first time a quiz answer died mid-quiz here. I'll be very careful in selecting the next quiz...

So, about the quiz answer: The correct ending to the song lyric was Bowie Kuhn, of course, making it "...but he ain't no Bowie Kuhn." Does anyone remember this song? It must have come out right after Kuhn stopped being commish, in the mid-80s. It was, like, a folk-ish, comedy tune. I can't find proof of this anywhere. But I absolutely couldn't have made this one up.... Anybody?

Bowie Kuhn was also the answer to the question "Who signed an autograph for AJM's Mom outside of Doubleday Field in Cooperstown just prior to the 1980 Hall of Fame Game between the White Sox and the Pirates?"

Of course, since I'm not running my own quiz blog, that question never got asked.

My Mom said he was very nice.
At least he didn't die under AJM's Mom's watch!
I just ran across this blog because I was searching for that song today. It just popped in my head for some reason and I can't get it out. Did you ever find it or the words? Anything?

Nate in Philly
Never came up with anything.

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