Sunday, March 11, 2007

Actual Baseball

I got to watch Fuzzy Dice today while in the lovely metro-New Haven area, despite the schedule on showing that the game wouldn't be on NESN. I guess when the Monster pitches, they show the game. Maybe they could hire some homeless person to type in the four letters on the web page, you know, to let us know.

'suke looked great at first. If that's who we see in the regular season, we're in for a treat. (And he's still not putting everything on his fastball.) Then, announcer boy decided to go on a soliloquoy about how the Orioles have no power, which of course led to an immediate home run off of Dicey. Later, with a man on first, there was a grounder back to him. If you've been watching baseball for any period of time, you know this often results in a poor throw to second, and this time it did. That drastically changed the inning, and another dong later, he'd given up four runs.

So I got to see the good and the bad from him. I have noticed that when he finishes his windup, he doesn't seem to end up in fielding position. (In fact, he doesn't realy follow through all the way, either.) So on one grounder back to him, he couldn't get down to get it from his upright, stiff position. It resulted in a hit, as he got a glove on it but couldn't knock it down. And then on the ball he did snag, he ended up throwing it away. He was also reminded in mid-at bat by Tek to close up his front shoulder, which is something I've heard he'll sometimes forget to do. What's the deal with that? The guy's been pitching eight years at the professional level. Maybe he should jot that reminder down on his wrist or something.

Manny looked great at the plate today. He also looks like a construction worker, as he's got his dreads pulled up into one of those...dread-holdin' thingies...underneath his helmet.

Coco grew new hair, but has the same arm:(

I also got to see Adam Stern play for the O's, though Millar wasn't with the club.

We were wearing the home whites, with normal hats today, while the Orioles' orange half-moon gussets were a hot topic of conversation, with low-talker Jack Hank aka John Henry saying he didn't like them, and Remy concurring. I still don't get how if it's forced on the teams, why they can't just choose to wear their normal hats/unis, like the Red Sox were clearly doing today. Maybe there's a quota or something.

Kapstein and Drinkwater were both in their behind-the-plate positions, despite the games not counting.

Overall, it was just good to see the Red Sox on TV for the first time in months, and I think we'll all be impressed by Dice once the season starts. Tomorrow I get to watch on Hell No as we do battle with Dunbar.

Was anyone mildly annoyed that the Daisuke interview was happening during the game instead of at the end?
I'd heard they they were showing the press conferences during the game or just having them on a split screen or whatever. When this was happening today, I was in the next room, so the sound alone was just weird, what with not being able to hear the questions, then hearing the whispering from translator to Dice and back, etc. They should scrap the whole idea of doing this stuff during games, even though it's only spring training.
Yeah that Annoyed me too amy!

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