Monday, March 19, 2007

'06-'07 Quiz XVIII

What's the number on Michael Keaton's inmate Halloween costume in Mr. Mom?

(Let's see who's willing to leave work early to go home and check their DVD--or BUY the DVD!)

Unrelated sidenote: I saw Don Imus today. Said "Hey, Don!" (twice, he ignored the first one) and he gave me a nod.


God that movie was stacked. Martin Mull, Chip from Kate and Allie, Edie McClurg, Terri Garr, the Dad from Arrested Development....
Yes, M-squared is da bomb.

You're saying it with such confidence, I'll assume you're right until I can confirm. But it was just on the other night, and that seems about right. Wow, an actual quiz where someone gets all 5 points. Nice job.
Good one, STJ!

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