Monday, March 12, 2007

'06-'07 Quiz XVII

What baseball name finishes this song lyric: "But he ain't no _______"


I'm only guessing that because it rhymes and he is in several songs that I know of.
No on DiMaggio. And no on Newi's guess of Jackie Robinson, which showed up only in my email for some reason.
Satchel Paige
No on Paige.
Rich Gedman?
Willie Mays
Sandy Koufax
No on all these. (Nice try on the Gedman, Quinn.)

Here's a clue: He wasn't a player. But was in major league baseball in one capacity or another...
Tommy Lasorda?
No on Tommy L.
Stupid guess, I know! Ben's still making fun of me.
How is it stupid? Anyway, again, I've found something not verifiable, it would appear, by the web. So I don't know how I'm gonna prove the song even exists. Maybe my dad will remember it.
This may be way out there but - Branch Rickey?

One of my all time favorites.
Nope. Gettin' there, though
I was actually going to guess Branch Rickey, until Jere gave his clue. Its not very well-known, but Rickey was in fact a player for the St Louis Browns, as well as for the Dunbars, early in the 20th Century. I just read his biography in Deadball Era Stars of the American League.
And with that, I'll say:

Kenesaw Mountain Landis
Nope. But now we're on the right plain!
How about the Yawkeys? Either Tom or Jean (?)
Nope. We're on the wrong plain again.
hmmm...Peter Ueberroth?
Somebody doesn't know the rule about guessing twice in a row, heh heh. You gotta wait for two more people to guess now. No on P.U.
Oops! Sorry! I didn't know.
It's okay. The "rules" aren't exactly clearly stated. You have to go to the quiz page, and click the link about rules & info. I think it's there.
How about A. B. "Happy" Chandler?
Nope. That'd be a really long line in a song!
Happy Chandler!
oh wait...Kara just guessed just popped up our of the blue.

Mel Allen!
Nope, and now AJM has taken us off the right plain, which, ironically, he got us on to. So I'm just gonna say it: It's a commissioner! And anyone can guess now.
Ford Frick?
No on F-squared.
Bart Giamatti (sorry if this is double posted...not sure if my first attempt took)
No on the other A.B.
I was going to go with the San Diego Chicken, but I'll go with Bowie Kuhn.
Bowie Kuhn?
Speaking of former commissioners, Bowie Kuhn died today:
Incredible. I found out about Kuhn dying before, and now I just get back, pretty much expecting that SOMEone would hear that and say it. And three people did. And that's correct.

AJM didn't actually guess it, but since I just published all three guesses, for all he knew, he couldn't guess because he'd made the last guess. I trust he would've guessed it, so all 3 will get equal credit.

I like how the news gave the clue.
Wow, it is tough to gain any ground on AJM and Kara C. Good job you too.
Reid Nichols appreciates STJ's follow-up and sportspersonship and politeness towards his opponents. This combined with the fact that he was the first to answer correctly, in a quiz system that got messed up thanks to me having to put on comment moderation because of one douchebag, will give him the extra tenths of points when the five is divided three ways.
jfKara: "You're Mom goes to college."
jfSTJ: thank you for your sportspersonship!

jfAmy: "My boy's wicked smaht!"
jfAmy&Kara: Nice job advancing the 'jf' convention.

And a big thank you to Jere for his generous scoring on this one. FWIW, Bowie would have been my next guess once I thought I was queued up again. Why did I throw that Mel Allen guess out there?
jfPeople who care about the standings: Points--stj 2.0, kara 1.5, AJM 1.5. I was gonna go 1.8 and two 1.6s, but stj shouldn't be penalized that much because of the system change with moderation.

Also note: I never look at the standings until after I award the points. So, for example, I'm about to go over there and add these on, and it's been so long since I looked, I have no idea if this is gonna move anybody up a place or whatever.
Wow, Amy's wicked dumb. She said "you're" when she meant "your". (And her mom was an English teacher.) :-)

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