Monday, February 12, 2007


Worked really hard on a video tonight, only to find out my YouTube account has been suspended. I wrote to them and am waiting to see what the deal is. In the meantime, there are other ways to get my videos online. I'll keep you posted.

It's Jere day over at CSTB. Meaning lots of mentions of stuff I'm interested in there today: Gene Scott, M&MD, The British Office...

Yeah, I said Gene Scott. We used to prank call this dude's operators for summer nights on end. What a freak. He had some kind of TV ministry. Periodically for years after that, my mom would say to me, "There's something in the mail for "Danny" Smith from a...Gene...Scott. Do you know anything about this?" Why I actually gave him my address I can't say...

No one could edit a good montage of horse jumping like ol' Dr, Gene! Ditto for wearing multiple pairs of glasses, or drawing impossible to decipher graphs, or appearing in a corner screen during his own appearance on screen!

Once I heard him berate the band, and make them play the song over again. Then he announced the pizzas had arrived!

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