Friday, February 02, 2007

WTICeee...1080... Hart-ferrd

You were supposed to sing that post title to the tune of their old jingle from the 80s.

It's been announced that WTIC will continue to carry Red Sox games. Many of you are familiar with, and some can relate to, my plight, growing up listening to WTIC-1080. And when I say "listening to," I mean "barely detecting the voice of Ken Coleman amidst horrible static and, of course, the Orioles game on the overpowering WBAL-1090, and sometimes even 3WE-1100 out of Cleveland." Which is funny because I was an hour from Hartford, but five hours from Baltimore. WTIC is known for it's strong signal, which goes to...everywhere in the northeast except for the areas I've lived in. I always blamed the terrain (and Steinbrenner's secret tactics)--the "mountains of Meriden" giveth, but they taketh away as well.

It's funny to me how people have come to realize that you can tell by Joe Castiglione's tone whether the Sox are up or down. I figured that out 20 years ago--without the advantage of even hearing the actual words he was saying. To the novice, it just sounds like, "shhhhkk ccchhhh wwwoooowww wwooooow Greenwell wwooowwww kkeeeee and he stabs it!" I can decipher the meaning of Joe's tone because I grew up hearing his tone and nothing else.

So TIC will continue carrying the Red Sox. When I heard, I thought, "Great, more UConn football and Rush Limbaugh pre-empting Sox games." However, when reading the article, I was shocked and ecstatic that they'll actually commit to 162 games this season! And that they'll do (and have been doing (?)) remotes from the Green Monster before some games. Wow.

Sweet, huh?
Indeed. Thanks for the heads-up on this. Oh, and anyone having trouble commenting--sign in to blogger first, then comment. I've lost a few here that way recently, and other blogs are having the same problem.
Growing up in Ridgefield I had a complex contraption of wire hangers / radio antennae that gave me good WTIC reception. Even weirder than the Baltimore / Cleveland stations is that I could get Expos games in French pretty clearly.
Grrr...blogger.....always screwing up my ID.
The die-hards know you're Tom. I still don't know how we didn't know each other growing up.
Great to hear WTIC will continue with the Sox. I remember back in the 1980s when the Sox were pre-empted by the Greater Hartford Open golf tournament on WTIC.

Golf? Do people actually listen to golf coverage on the radio?
Yeah, TJ by them there, too.

"From the TPC in Cromwell..."

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