Saturday, February 24, 2007

Ticket Stuff

Wow. Usually when you win the ticket lotteries, you get through right away, because only a few other people are allowed to get in, as opposed to the whole world. But today, I sat for three hours in the VWR before I had to get on with my life, and now I'm tring again, so far with no luck. A lot of games have sold out by now. (This is for Monster seats.) At one point I flew to close to the sun, opening one too many windows, which exploded my Firefox. It only cost me a few minutes, as opposed to losing my place in line, since you're selected randomly, not in order. Still, that could've cost me. I try to limit my browser windows to: "enough to stay competitive, but not too many to lose karma points." Usually about five or ten. But I've gotten through early with only one window open.

I hope the people that already had tickets up on the scalper sites for $3,000, able to because they were so sure they'd get them because they probably have 8,000 minions working for them, all slip and fall today. And also die.

You know what's weird? I got into the VWR five minutes before the scheduled time, and they were already saying four games had sold out, including Monday Devil Rays game. Something's fishy about that.

Edit: As I was hitting publish, a window opened up. Eat that, Jere-haters. Was only going for standing room anyway, and I got 4 for a Sunday summer game. Gold. My season is pretty much set now: Plenty of early season and late season games, a bunch of summer ones, three Yankee games, a Giants game, a few foursomes. I'm, again, gold. The lesson here is that those scalper sites should be blown up and are pure evil, but it is possible to get plenty of tickets, all the legitimate way, if you pay attention.

I have a friend who was in the virtual waiting room for five hours today, shut all her windows down, went back in and got right in and got 4 SRO tickets (but I forget which game).

I was in the vwr for an hour and a half the day of the patriots day/opening day/yankees tickets lottery and got 2 tickets in section 31 for Patriots Day.

Moral of my story, I'm with you...there really are ways.

11 games this year thus far. The games I really wanted (opening day, patriots day , memorial day and last game of season) plus scattered games throughout the season.

Out of the 11, I used the 'brokers' for 2 of them - and still not spending my life savings. (One being opening day)

I know it is overstated...but I can't wait for baseball to begin.
You just wished for people to die. Wow.

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