Saturday, February 03, 2007


Treasures awaited me when I got home from work yesterday. Three grays* in the mailbox--so I got to see more of the photos on the new tickets. All of them were either Youk or Beckett. Josh is seen pitching on June 17th in Atlanta, with bits of Varitek and home plate ump Mike Winters visible in the foreground. The Youk shot was taken in a spring training game.

I also received an orb that was signed by 19 members of the 1982 version of a certain team--no Dewey or Yaz, but the other major players are included. And Rick Miller signed twice. I got this while searching for Gedman items on eBay. I kind of won it by accident--those balls usually fetch a high price, so I'll often just up it myself, knowing that if someone else is gonna get it anyway, I might as well make them work for it. Turns out I nailed the reserve price exactly, and nobody else was willing to go over it, so I won.

*Red Sox fan slang for the envelopes tickets arrive in. Term invented by me, just now.) Speaking of tickets, while I'm still boycotting Boston Dirt Dogs--hey, new bloggers, why do you all link him? Oh well, I guess everybody thinks it's cool at first--I came across a picture from his site while doing a search, and it brought me to a recent "headline" from his page. It was--and get ready for some serious originality and timely use of pop culture here--one of those MasterCard "priceless" things. He was complaining about scalpers--which is fine, of course--but he noted that the "face value" of a bleacher seat is $21. That tips me off to the fact that ol' Joe Dirt hasn't had to buy a bleacher seat in a while. 21 dollars is the discounted price you pay for bleachers if you're a season ticket holder. The rest of us have paid 23 bucks since 2005. (His pic of actual tix shows $21 dollars, but it also says "2006 Season Ticket" right on there.) TJ, DD. It's like how Bill Gates ran off the set of the Daily Show I went to this week, proving to everyone that he doesn't know the cardinal rule of the talk show guest: Stay in your seat when the interview ends. i.e. these people are out of touch with the commoners.

DD also complains about scalping... with ads for those ticket agencies (ACE tickets and such) all over the place.

That is incomprehensible irony.
Of course he does 'cause he's a corporate whore. Long post about that in general from me at some point soon. No need to say names of any of the slimeball ticket agencies here, though.
Jere, great post, and nowhere on my blog, and I've looked, will you find ANYTHING DD. And it will stay that way. And trot7, how are you? I haven't seen any of your timely comments over at my place...and I've even dabbled in the supernatural. Hint: STAY AWAY FROM OIUJA BOARDS.
Have a great Super Sunday, although I'd settle for a Sox game in a New York minute. The halftime show should be great, and Billy Joel underutilized singing the National Anthem.! Bye...enjoy...P
Jere, you almost always post at least ONE thing I've wondered to myself. This time it is about all the blogs that link BDD.

I just don't freaking get it.

And my blog has been the target of many requests from various ticket agencies to link to them, due to the high volume of visits I suppose. Some are even willing to pay, and I refuse to do it.

I'm a hypocrite, mind you, because I sometimes purchase from those places, but I'm not comfortable TOTALLY whoring myself out to them.
Cyn--I'm also constantly getting emails from those places, wanting to pay me for a link. I find form letters insulting anyway, so add to that they're asking me do something I'm strongly against makes me want to puke AND shows me that they don't really read my blog (which is obvious, anyway, but, come on, I've got a huge "ad-free blog" sign right there.)

What does kill me is that I'll see a blog where somebody's done, like, two posts, and they've got the standard ticket agency ads clogging up the entire sidebar. That's how stinkin' rich these places are if they can dish out money to places that are almost definitely not gonna make them any money back. I hate how they use bloggers, but I hate more that bloggers make the decision to just take their money.

And yes, in absolute desperate situations, I have used them to get tix to sold-out events. But at least I always try to get tix the normal way, and after that, try to trade with other real people, or even go to eBay or craigslist and try to find someone who just wants to get rid of their tix at something close to face value.

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