Saturday, February 17, 2007

Travel Plans

"Airlines are investigating why windshields cracked on at least 12 planes at Denver International Airport while a storm was whipping through the area with wind of up to 100 mph."

You know what I think? I think it was the wind that did it. But I'm just a blogger.

Speaking of public transportation--is some cosmic force trying to tell me and my friends something? This weekend, Chan was supposed to fly to Florida, my friend Jennie was supposed to fly to Alabama, and I was going to go out to Queens and get some shots of the construction of the Mets' new stadium. After Wednesday's little storm that could, all flights were messed up, leading Jennie to cancel her trip. Then Chan found out this morning that all JetBlue's flights to Jacksonville were cancelled for the next two days, ending his three-day trip before it began. And then I found out on the news that the 7 train, the only one that goes directly to Shea, is all effed up. So we're all staying put.


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