Friday, February 23, 2007

Touch Me I'm Sick

Twelve Year Old Kid Rips Manny, Wants to Go to "Outer Space" Someday

As usual, here I am defending Manny in a situation where he did nothing wrong in the first place. Eric Wilbur's interviewing children and putting it on the Extra Bases blog. A 12-year old feels Manny should be more of a team player. He also stated if he weren't a little boy, he'd choose to be a firetruck.

What are we doing? This is so ridiculous. Thank you, media. You've brainwashed our youth.

Now, look at this statement from

If outfielder Manny Ramirez was scheduled to attend a car auction in Atlantic City, N.J., on Saturday, Red Sox general manager Theo Epstein says that is no longer the case.

If! If Manny was gonna do something that never existed except in the media. What an absolute joke. It's getting to the point where I almost hope Manny doesn't show up at all out of spite. If he had normal hair, there would be vigils for his sick mother. Instead, it's "Manny lying again, but if he's not, well, look, he's still going to a car show, which nobody ever said he was going to in the first place." And now that we find out he's not going (which, again, if was going to go at all, he surely decided against it as soon as he knew he'd have to be with his mom), does the Photoshopping get undone? Nope, we've already propagated the myth, and until we invent something new to make fun of him for, Manny will be that "wacky car show guy."

I'd love for Manny to come out and say, "I made the whole story up just to see what you'd do, and you've all disappointed me yet again. Terrible job. Bye!"

In Wilbur's blog entry linked above, the main topic is that "we fans all somehow think Curt Schilling should be signed immediately." No, Eric, not all of us do. He makes the ridiculous comparison to letting Bronson go when we thought we had enough pitching. I was huge on saying the Bronson trade was a mistake--that has nothing to do with this. No one would've thought of saying "sign Curt now!" if he himself hadn't brought it up himself in the media. Of course we want to see how he does, if he stays healthy, before committing to the 40-something for an entire other year after this one. People made fun of me for wanting to keep Bronson, saying "You just want to hang on to the past." No, I wanted the team to not come in third place! And I still don't, that's why I want to be cautious about signing an old dude, regardless of the fact that I'll always appreciate what he did for me in 2004.

Red Sox Chick agrees with me on this stuff. We seem to be a dying breed...

[What you read above was a well-thought out, often funny piece (with humor based on reality, not fiction, hence making it actually comical). Had I instead decided to put up tired, rehashed images that make fun of my own players, when there are so many Yankees to make fun of, I could've got on fucking Deadspin. Crap, I gotta remember that! (Maybe I should re-post those colorful pics of silly-looking mascots that got me on there once before...)]

Speaking of mascots, Empy did a great post from Lefty & Righty's perspective about the new hats. Hope doesn't use your photo uncredited again, Empy!

Jere, you're a "Wise" man now!
Hi to Chan, and Empy, if she reads this.

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