Friday, February 02, 2007

Too Much Confusion

Walking home from tonight's Colbert taping, Channion and I walked past a dude who was saying into his phone, "Man, if I were the Yankees organization, I'd be like, shit, too." I started getting happy, wondering what bad thing happened to the Yanks. I tried to figure it out the way George Costanza did with the "Downtown" song. But I couldn't. I got home and checked the news. Nothing. I wonder what that guy meant.

I did see a Gammons article called "Clemens Going to Yankees," but it's got that little "i" next to it, so I don't know what he's talking about. I don't see anyone else saying that in any kind of official way.

My trip to The Report tonight confirmed my stance that the Colbert experience easily tops the Daily Show experience. It's a lot more intimate and, surprisingly, for a much newer show, organized. There was a new warm-up comic, and he pointed out a Sox fan, a "Connecticut mom," and a "Connecticut dad" in the crowd. All of these people were sitting adjacent to me, my mom, or my dad, who were there tonight, yet he passed over us. He did ask Chan if he had blue hair. (It was just the blue light. Chan's always turning colors. Remember when he was green?)

Colbert brought up that hilarious Aqua Teens/Fake Terrorism/Shutting Down of Boston thing. I just can't get enough of that story. I love what CSTB's been saying about it (scroll around), as well as what Colbert did tonight--saying how the incident has ruined his planned advertising involving sending out letters promoting a winter show with fake snow inside, and other stuff like that. I just can't believe that happened. I mean, not one person saw that stuff and said, "Hold it, hold it, this is clearly an ad for a cartoon. Let's just all take a step back here." And calling it a hoax? Come freakin' on. We all know exactly what it was. Seems to me like this is a case where the authorities caused a panic, and shut down parts of the city. Oh no, bright lights! It must be a bomb! Maybe they should be apologizing instead of Cartoon Network.

What's the point of this article? We all know Steinbrenner sent his people to China in a blatant attempt to try to get the upper hand in the Asian market with the Sox grabbing all the headlines Japan-wise. But now the Yanks are taking the rivalry with the Sox to Japan. What the hell does that mean? Are they just gonna, like, tell 'em about it and stuff? Will there be a film strip? A special aired on TV in every Japanese home? This is so vague. What's going on here?


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