Thursday, February 22, 2007

That's What Speedy Means To Me

Some good stuff coming from 3000 and the rest of the Extra Bases crew today. (As the concept of "newspaper" becomes less and less relevant...)

You've got the great Mike Lowell defending Manny once again with some great quotes.

And Curt says he couldn't play for the Yanks. Strangely enough, BDD read this and was able to make it into "Schilling could pitch for the Yanks." Wow. That's just solid journalism. Even at a time when Curt could easily try to play the Dunbar card as some kind of leverage tool, he still says he couldn't pitch for the Yanks, and DirtDogs tells the hundreds of thousands of fans, whom he knows get their news from him, that Schilling "could" pitch for the Yanks. Note: I didn't click the link, I only saw the teaser on the main page. But I have a feeling there's a hilaaarious picture of Curt in some type of Yankee gear or hugging Joe Torre or having sex with a pig or whatever. The good news is, BDD's little icon has fallen to the 9th spot out of 10 in their little bloglist, behind the "schools" blog and the auto racing one. Woohoo!

But about Schilling and the issue of not getting an extension and all that: I'm just so sick of these players with their talk of "respect" and all this crap. There should be a rule that you're just not allowed to talk about any contract issues in public.

What the hell is "respect," anyway? From what I've gathered, it means "hate dressed up as love." Example: "I respect Derek Jeter" = "God, I hate that guy, but I wouldn't want people to think any less of me, so I'll wuss out and make it appear that my feelings toward him are positive." I'd sooner just say what I actually mean.

God, thanks Jere, I hadn't visited that site in MONTHS but had to go have a look to see what kind of Curt graphic they'd have up after you mentioned it.

And you were dead right, it's his head on a Yankee infielder's body.... either ARod or Jeter, actually, 'tho I'm not checking close enough to differentiate.

Now I feel dirty.

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