Monday, February 19, 2007

Stuff To Read

Red Sox State of Maine. A new(er) Sox blog by a left-wing, old-ish-school, Clemens-hating, non-dirtdog-linking, (at least) third-generation Sox fan. Nice!

She also has a political blog.

See the bottom of my list of Red Sox blogs at right for some other recent additions. Right above the "Plays of the Decade" link. (But don't click that because those videos got taken down. I'll get the PoDs back up one day.)

Lisa is one of the 'sistahs'. She's good people!
I knew the blog name sounded famliar, and I saw she linked you in her current post, but I couldn't find her link on your site, so I thought she was some random person or something.
Jere, great blogs all on your blog list additions. And I agree with Beaz! Take care...

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