Friday, February 16, 2007

Steve Of The Beast?

Did you hear the heir to the Evil throne, Steve Swindal, got arrested for DUI? Judging by the police report, I think Big Stein has tabbed the right man for the job. Take a look. Click to enlarge:

Oh! Oh! Better post title: The great drink & drive Swindal!

It's early in the morning. I just spit my coffee back into the cup because I so cracked up upon reading the identifying mark.
Meanwhile, he apologized for the "distraction." Damn good thing he's not apologizing for killing a few innocent people.
Change the location of letters: Put D next to N, then L next to D;
Replace A with E & put next to L;
Thus Swindal represents the whole sordid history of the NY Highlanders.

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