Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Rivalry Alivalry

While I was away these past few days, I heard the report of how Mariano wouldn't play for the Red Sox. This followed the earlier statement by Curt Schilling, who said he couldn't play for the Yanks. (A story which dirtdogs read but somehow missed the key "n't" part of the word "couldn't."--And yes, Damon said the same thing as Schill, as we know, but remember, Damon's brain is half the size of the average person's.)

I am so glad to hear these players saying these things. Are they finally coming around? Are they finally able to realize how important this stuff is to the fans--who make their careers possible? Curt has even said the Yanks could offer him $25 million and he still wouldn't do it. This should be common sense, but unfortunately, most players--most people--would do anything if the money is right. (See baseball fans who complain about ticket prices and availability, but then advertise on their blogs for the very people who steal all the tickets away from us and then drive up the prices--the shady ticket agencies. Much more on that to come in the future. Trust me.)

While I'm glad players on both sides are saying they wouldn't want to play for the rival, can they please do it without saying "I love Mr. Steinbrenner"? (Curt, I'm looking in your direction.) Thanks.

I'd like to talk about that "other" Schilling thing again, too. It just seems like by complaining that he wasn't signed for '08 by now, he made it appear as if the team had done something wrong. They weren't going out of their way to disrespect him, nor were they saying "we don't want you anymore" simply by not saying anything yet. The reaction from fans sounds almost like they think the Red Sox haven't locked up Curt for this season, which they have. I admit to being the type who puts emotions ahead of other stuff sometimes. I wanted Bronson to stay, I wanted Pedro to stay. But that's because I was fairly certain they could offer us more. To honor a player for what they've done shouldn't entail a never-ending, automatic, blind loyalty contract. All these guys, including Curt, have been honored and thanked and applauded for what they've done for us. And I hope at the end of their careers, should they continue to work in baseball, they do it for the Sox. And in that case, yes, the ownership, in my mind, should offer every single guy who got a ring a permanent job with the team once they retire. But Curt is kind of old, and kind of declining. I wouldn't want the team to act without fully assessing the situation first. And they're allowed to do that--they do it with everyone. Curt shouldn't have to buy dinner ever again in New England. But he damn well better realize he still has to get himself to the restaurant!

Or something.

My girlfriend makes the point that it's not like there's a huge talent barrel of pitchers to fish from, therefore, locking up Curt for 2008 would might be our best option. I just hope the guy knows when to hang 'em up. He's very close to the "Californication"-era. We don't need to see that.


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