Friday, February 02, 2007

Rise & Shine, Campers

This article says the registration for all the high-falutin seats starts today. They even put it in bold-face type. However, I got the e-mail from the team yesterday (it's almost like I'm living the same day over and over...happy Groundhog Day, everyone), and registered right away (hoping that it's just bullshit that it's random and the first people to register automatically win.) I hope I'm not screwed because of this. The bold-face worries me. Then again, if I win, I'm only gonna look at the $140 Monster Seats and say, Yeah, that's just too much money. But standing room's pretty cool up there.

Thanks, film freak central dot netBetween this, Bill Murray on Letterman last night and his team in the Super Bowl on Sunday (what is this, Mi-am-i Beach?), and me seeing Jon Richman who appeared in a movie with Murray, it's shaping up to be a pretty perfect Groundhog Day weekend.

Oh, and one more thing about Slick Willy Clemens. 02145 brought up a great point, which has been mentioned before, but still: Think of all the young, struggling pitchers who'd love to have a chance in the majors and who'd give their all every single day from February to October if they got that chance. And then you've got ol' Roger: I'll just start after the All-Star break, I can't be pitchin' around, speedin' up and down all ova da place. Jon Lester has cancer--cancer--and he's ready for spring training. He's all: Sorry, coach, I gotta go get chemo at noon, but I'll be back at 2 for that drill where you cover first over and over again--I promise I'll rehearse it in my mind while getting the chemo...

And then we'll have people making fun of Manny for yet another year, should he only play in 150 games. But Roger, Oh, that's okay, whatever you need... you can just relax until the World Series and then we'll give you a call. If that's what you need. Would you like a fruit plate?

I couldn't agree any more than I already do (and DID: with 01245 et al.

Lester and all the kids who bust their humps are much more deserving of a roster spot that that POS Clemens.
Ah...Groundhog Day.

Not gonna lie, I didn't go to school today so I just sat at home and watched that movie several times. Yet another great movie...

And yeah, guys like Lester are way more deserving.
That is an excellent picture. And I'm with you on the RC. I used to have a "Rocket" poster on my wall growing up. I was cleaning out my closet a few months ago and came across it--straight to the trash.
Nice. I had a couple posters of his--including this one:

Or just type in 'clemens poster' into the search bar at the top of this blog.
Oh, and Beazer, wonderful work on your Lester post as usual. You are his best online friend, I think.

And Lauren, great job being a Groundhog Day fan. I applaud you. Liking Day is one of the finest things a human can do.
Three minutes of smiles with these great comments, although my thoughts on Roger differ slightly. Thanks Jere, and everyone. And Lauren, sounds like you had a great Friday. Feel takes a toll on the body. But your team is GOOD!

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