Sunday, February 25, 2007

Rich Memories

Johnny Damon has left Yankee camp for secret reasons. Personally, I think he's tending to Manny Ramirez' mom.

My Gedman bio is up here. Check out some of the other bios people have done while you're there. I had nothing to do with the positioning of players on the list, as I came on board to the project after that was decided. We all have our own opinions on this stuff, so I don't need to tell you that my list would've been different--and no, I wouldn't have put Gedman #1. But Greenwell would've been irrationally high on my list. And Piersall behind Gedman? I'd gladly flip-flop those two on the list. I've actually done a bio on Piersall, albeit in high school after reading Fear Strikes Out.

I also would be Romulus and remiss if I didn't mention Andrew from 12-Eight, who tried to come up with a top 100 last year, but the project never made it to the final stage.

It gets sketchy when you say "Top 100." You could do 100 best, 100 most interesting, favorite 100... my girlfriend suggests doing the "worst 100." I'd like to do the "second 100."

So, about Gedman--he wasn't my favorite growing up. I liked Greenwell hitting-wise, and Clemens pitching-wise. And of course Dewey and Jim Ed from way back, as my memories go back to the late 70s. Gedman became a cult hero for Pat and I in the late 80s, when we started noticing Joe Castiglione would always call him just "Gedman." Just a quick, raw, harsh, "Ged-man." Jody Reed would come up and Joe would cheerfully say "Here's Jody-Jody!" "And it's a base hit for Jody-Jody!... Here's Gedman." Like the party stopped when Gedman arrived in the batter's box. Between that and the classic swing and the old baseball cards where he'd be wearing glasses--we couldn't help but develop the cult of Rich.

I read on an ESPN site that the Yankee fans are calling Damon, "Johnny Ramirez". Perhaps Johnny went to the car show for Manny, since Manny had to back-out.

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