Friday, February 23, 2007

A Rich G. Day

Aside from Rich Garces' comeback, there's plenty of other Rich G. news. I've been working on my Rich Gedman bio for the Top 100 Red Sox blog. Watch for it in a few days. On the Mets channel tonight, they were showing Game 7 from '86, so I got to see a little Geddy on TV as well. (I hadn't watched the late innings of Game 7 probably since that night, so I'd forgotten all about the smoke-bomb delay...)

But the coolest thing is that I was looking up Rich Gedman's son, who's playing college ball, and saw that he'll be on a team this summer, the Sanford Mainers,* who play in the NECBL. That league sounded familiar...oh, right, that's the league that the Danbury, CT Westerners play in! Danbury is where I lived from 2000 to 2005, after living the 25 years prior a town away from it. You know where I'm going with this. Son of Ged will be playing in my old hometown this summer. At the field where Chan, Brian, and I have hit and fielded many a baseball. And played "home run robbing" at the outfield (chain-link) fence.

*I didn't leave out an R. It's Mainers, as in, people from Maine. Specifically, I guess, Sanford, Maine.

B.T.F. (beyond the footnote): Jason sent me this link. Looks like Kerry was serious about fighting that DirecTV ridiculousness.

Just saw a pretty funny-ish story on the news. Since Omar Minaya seems to refer to everyone as a "friend," the Met people around him in camp have been passing out F.O.O. (friend of Omar) caps.

Number ten, glasses and all. Fond memories. And my thoughts today turn back to DJ......and I am broken up about it. They (that Celtics team) WERE my 80s.
Congrats on the top100Sox gig; good to see you getting some recognition; he's definitely your area of expertise.
To be fair, people were allowed to ask to do a player. But in this case, they did get tipped off to my Gedmania, and tracked me down. So thanks. I'm glad Andrew's idea finally came to life, even if it ended up being someone else who put it together. Note: I wasn't a part of deciding the order of this list.

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