Thursday, February 28, 2008

Red Sox Go To The White House

"DC," our man in DC, was at the Red Sox visit to Bushneyland, aka the White House, with his kids yesterday. He was kind enough to share pics and stories. This first huge group of shots are his, and then the close-ups at the end are his friend Anna's. (The Papi shot above is also hers.) Click each picture to enlarge.

Lots of folks showed up. Check out this line.

The set-up on the White House South Lawn. Note the Washington Monument in the background.

Metal detectors.

The "stage."

DC and the boys in front of the White House. On the lawn. How cool is that? I've seen the White House from the street, but I've never been that close. Of course, I was promised that a "White House field trip" would happen in fifth grade, but when I got to fifth grade, I guess they stopped that tradition. Oh well. It's more important that the Red Sox go. Hopefully they'll be shaking hands with a Democrat next year.

The band.

I'll turn it over to DC:

Before the event began, a few different people -- including John Henry -- were taking photos of US (the crowd) from behind the White House balcony window. I tried to capture that, but it's hard to see through the window. We were in the second row behind the three reserved rows. In the first row, we recognized Senators Kerry, Leahy, Kennedy, and Dodd. Right behind them was Jerry Remy, who took his seat with a big flourish. My oldest two boys each got his autograph. When one called out "Mr. Remy!" someone else hollered "He's President Remy to you!"

And there's the RemDawg.

Ted Kennedy and Patrick Leahy.

John Kerry.

Remy again. And I think that's Jack Welch at right.

As the players arrive, the camera-arms go up. I love this shot. Could've been an accident, but he ended up capturing the great reaction to Red Sox fans suddenly seeing Red Sox.

And there they are.

The big crowd in the the capital.

The Red Sox with the prez. And Cheney. As they get ready for Bush to speak.

The president speaks. It was comedy gold--only he was trying to be funny this time.

Cheney doing the chicken dance?

Papi with the trophy, Tek with the jersey.

Jason presents Bush with the team-signed jersey.

Papi shows the crowd the trophy once more, as Youk oddly waves from off to the side.

Beckett takin' it all in.

John Henry, one of the last to stick around.

More Sox on the way back into "the House."

The guys in front of the Monument.

More from DC:

when the Sox went from the White House to Walter Reed in four big buses, Papi pulled on a helmet and a leather coat and rode in the side car of a police escort motorcycle.

Another Papi shot from the sidecar. Hilarious!

More from DC:

We were disappointed to have zero opportunity to obtain autographs from players. They filed in directly from the balcony to the stage ... stood behind the President and Vice President, had some interaction with them ... and then filed back up the steps to the balcony and into the White House. NO way to get near them. But Becket stood up there with his arms spread -- as you see in one photo -- for like a full minute as everyone else was filing back into the White House post-ceremony. He was kind of soaking it all in, pumping up the audience, and just loving it. And then Youk gave us that wooden salute you see from the balcony. Suddenly, Ortiz sprang back out from the White House onto the balcony with the trophy to get one last big cheer out of the crowd.

Finally, I just mentioned a few times how all the players, etc. filed out with no contact opportunity. Well, John Henry stayed behind, chatted a bit, and gave both of my oldest his autograph, as well.

Now here are some more from Anna:

Dice and Schill cracking up.

Papi with trophy. Kevin Cash, for whatever reason, was front and center. He's like, "12 games in '07, baby! World champs! Cash Money in the (White) House!"

Clockwise from left: Beckett, Manny DC, Kyle Snyder, Pedroia, Mike Timlin.

Clay, Lopez, Jacoby, MDC, Schill, Doug, Wake, Beckett, Tito, Larry, Youk.

Same dudes from two shots up.

Lester at top left.

Papelbon at left, with Cora just behind Bush, and Kielty's hair at right.

I'm guessing this is from when the president thanked Pap for wearing pants. And check out Pap's purple-highlighted outfit--purple tie, purple shirt, etc. Purplebon?

A clear shot of Little Manny at top right.

Dubya with team behind.

A clearer shot of Jacoby Ellsbury.

The Beckett thing again.

The Youk thing again.

I always think of that Jerky Boys routine when I think of a "sidecar." Starting now, though, I may think of Papi in this little thing. Apparently, after the White House visit, when the team headed over to Walter Reed hospital, Papi just hopped in this thing.

How often is Papi's head this low to the ground?

Great job on the pics, DC and Anna. It looked like fun....

Great pix! Thanks for the visual recap.
Those were some awesome pics. Love the one of the smirking Purplebon.
Jere, great pics..I agree with BFW, who is an everyday commenter at my place and a true friend.
Tonight, it's Bruce & the E Street Band in Hartford. I can't wait, and I'm so happy. I'm taking my nephew Skip, and his love for Bruce will be (already is!!) passed on to a future generation. I WOULDN'T HAVE IT ANY OTHER WAY!
Hey, be well, and keep writing. I can't wait for the bestseller to be released. Hi to Mom...check my blog for the full review Friday morning.
Meow to your wonderful kitties..I miss my "boys" so much. Thanks Jere. You're the best.
LOVE the pics!!! Can I snatch one of Beckett and give props to anna?? I love the one with his arms outstretched.
Tex--go for it.
We had such a great time that there were no opportunities to say "Terrible Job!" to anyone at any point. Thanks for putting some of our pictures (after these, we only have about another 100 left between us) up and helping pull together some narration, Jere!


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